New building to provide storage space

Once completed in mid to late November, the new building west of Beulah High School will provide the district with much-needed storage space. (Bill Schmalfeldt)

Once completed in mid to late November, the new building west of Beulah High School will provide the district with much-needed storage space. (Bill Schmalfeldt)

The new building currently under construction near Beulah High School will provide some much-needed storage capacity for the district, according to Superintendent Travis Jordan.

“Storage has been a district-wide issue for quite some time,” Jordan said.

After the failure of a referendum issue, it seemed like it would remain an issue, he said.

“We needed to make cuts to get the total cost and tax impact down to a reasonable number that our taxpayers would approve without sacrificing much needed learning space,” Jordan said.

The total cost, including demolition of the existing concrete slab for the two storage buildings that were previously located at the site, just west of the high school, was $200,000, according to Jordan.

“The idea of the storage building was to wait and see where we were financially with the project when we got closer to completion,” he said. “Many things ended up going right for us with the entire project financially.”

Jordan said the district got revenue from Dunn County, which served to buy down the overall debt service.

“Additionally, because of the timing, we ended up financing the entire project for under two percent interest,” he said.

The two buildings that previously occupied the site have been salvaged and moved to the middle school, Jordan explained.

The new storage building will open the existing Aichele Building for the district’s Ag Construction class for building and constructing structures. Jordan said there had been no space in the district for that prior to the new building.

“We will also be able to house and work on our maintenance equipment such as mowers and blowers,” Jordan said. “The space that originally accommodated that in our original building was repurposed. Additionally, the new storage building will house our outdoor sports equipment.”

Beulah High School Principal Carl Blackhurst explained some of the ways the new structure will be used.

“The new building will have several functions. The first of these will provide a heated shop area where maintenance equipment can be stored and maintained year-round. This will extend the life and durability of this expensive equipment as well as provide an adequate workspace for our maintenance staff,” Blackhurst said.

According to Blackhurst, the Aichele Building, located to the west of the new construction, was built in 2016 to provide space for building structures in the school’s Ag Department. “It has largely been unused except for storage because there was no heat or power out there. With the construction of this building, we will be able to wire in that building and have a heated space for students to work in during the cold months,” Blackhurst said.

The remaining two bays in the shop will provide cold storage for supplies and maintenance equipment, he explained.

Jordan said the building will be completed in mid to late November.

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