‘Quality without the shock’

Oztech Electric opens in Beulah



Dave Kritzberger, Beulah area manager (left), and Brian Osmond, company owner (right), pose next to a company vehicle in their new Beulah location.

Since filing to become a company in 2019, Oztech Electric was a recipient of the Bismarck “Best of the Best” award for businesses in 2021 and won second place for the same award in 2022. Now, they’re establishing a permanent outlet in Beulah.

Though they’ve been present in Beulah since August of 2022, the company began renting a physical location in Beulah at the beginning of February. The building functions as a workshop, storehouse, and base of operations for the company’s work in the area.

“…we’ve actually got roots here,” Brian Osmond, owner of the company, emphasized. “And we’re not just looking to come in and make a few bucks and then leave. We want to really be invested in the community, because we live in the community.”

In their first few years of operation, Oztech Electric has worked on a wide variety of electrical projects, including agricultural jobs, phone lines, remodeling efforts, and home repairs.

“We don’t really see anything electrical where we have limitations,” Osmond said. “If we have limitations we work to make it… past those limitations.”

Overseeing their new Beulah location is Dave Kritzberger. Oztech journeyman and now an area manager, he’s been working as an electrician since 2004. Although he lives in Zap, he currently spends part of his work week in Bismarck, and part of it in Beulah. One of the company’s goals is to have him working locally full-time.

“In terms of experience and seeing things… Dave’s done just about everything,” Osmond said.

“I’ve at least tried it,” Kritzberger added.

Something Oztech prioritizes is efficiency. According to Osmond, one of the ways they accomplish this is through a digital system that eliminates the need to handle any physical paperwork. Instead, their contracts are all kept online and get reviewed by multiple people to avoid anything important getting lost or misfiled, and to keep any jobs from “slipping through the cracks.”

Their online system also allows the Beulah outlet of the company to communicate with the Bismarck side quickly, and the company holds regular team meetings to discuss their current projects and to use their combined electrician experience to help each other problem-solve.

Oztech hopes to support positive changes in the city of Beulah, support local sports programs, and become a trusted source of service for everyone in the area.

“I mean, we didn’t win the [Best of the] Best award by just being a normal electrician…” Osmond said. “We care. We show up… We try to do our best when we’re there.”

Oztech Electric offers free estimates to customers who live up to 25 miles away from their shop. For customers more than 25 miles away, Oztech can incorporate the cost of the estimate into the total price of the job. According to Osmond, the best way to set up an appointment is by calling their office at 701-390-6886.

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